Top searched Korean idols in China: Lisa surpasses BTS

Appearing on the hot search of Weibo proves the popularity in China of stars.

HyunA also appeared 17 times on the top searched chart. She was in the center of attention many times due to her revealing clothes and the scandalous stage incident.
Jennie is also cared about by the Chinese fans. However, this member mostly appeared on the top searched chart with negative keywords such as being lazy, her soulless dance or bullying Lisa.
BTS always appears together on this chart, and no member is overshadowed by anyone. They have appeared on Weibo’s top searched 11 times. Chinese fans of V and Jungkook are such big spender, proved through their album sales.
Song Hye Kyo is the most famous Korean actress in China. In early 2019, Chinese media continuously reported about an unhappy relationship between the Song – Song couple and their soon-to-be divorced marriage. Everytime she appears, people will only focus on whether she is wearing the ring or not. She has appeared on the Weibo hot search 8 times.
Sulli is a good girl gone wild who is surrounded by gossips about her braless clothing style in public. This SM idol has appeared 7 times on the hot search.
Song Joong Ki is also a hot topic in China due to his rumors of cheating and being cold to his wife. This actor has appeared on the Weibo top searched 6 times.

Source: iOne

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