Kim Tae Hee donned ”silk robe fashion” worth 400,000 won in “Lies Hidden in My Garden”

The “silk robe fashion” of actress Kim Tae Hee in the new drama “Lies Hidden in My Garden” is drawing attention.

In the drama “Lies Hidden in My Garden”, which premiered on June 19th, Kim Tae Hee showcased various fashion styles. Among them, a notable outfit was the silk robe which she wore in two consecutive episodes.

Lies Hidden in My Garden

Particularly, in the 1st episode, Kim Tae Hee donned a modern and calm-toned gray robe, which also features prominent floral patterns. It is known that this is an item from brand H, priced in the 150,000 won (115 USD) range.

Meanwhile, In the 2nd episode, Kim Tae Hee opted for a luxurious silk robe, which boasts an eye-catching floral print resembling a piece of artwork. This robe belonged to brand S and was priced in the 400,000 won range (over 300 USD).

On the other hand, “Lies Hidden in My Garden” is a suspense thriller series based on a best-selling novel of the same name. It depicts various events that unfolded after two women, who lived completely different lives, crossed paths due to a mysterious smell emanating from the garden.

Source: Daum

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