Top 5 hottest contestants in Girls Planet 999: Former SM trainees can’t compete with a series of familiar faces

These will definitely be the 5 names that often become the upcoming topic of discussion related to Mnet’s program.

It’s only been a week since Mnet’s new survival show – Girls Planet 999 posted introductory videos of the trainees, but that was enough for some contestants to show off their outstanding charms, get the number of views far ahead of other competitors.

The top 5 hottest faces on the show right now, owning the video with the highest views, have been revealed.  Let’s discover who these girls are and why are people so interested in them?

5. Kim Chaehyun

  •  Kim Chaehyun (19 years old)
  •  Views: 161,000
  •  Special abilities: Singing, Japanese, DIY
  •  Hobbies: dancing, exercising, playing guitar
  •  MBTI Personality Type: ESFP (Performer)

One of the reasons why Kim Chaehyun got the most attention was because she used to be an SM trainee.  Before leaving the company, Chaehyun trained with aespa’s Karina, Winter, and Ningning.  In her introduction video, Chaehyun demonstrated the outstanding ability of a trainee under a large company with a voice that was highly appreciated by the audience.

4. You Dayeon

  •  You Dayeon (23 years old)
  •  Views: 165,000
  •  Special Ability: Gaming, Skateboarding
  •  Hobbies: Drawing
  •  MBTI Personality Type: ISTJ (Responsible Person)

Girls Planet 999 is not the first time You Dayeon has appeared in public.  So it’s not surprising that many people support this girl.  From 2016 to 2019, Dayeon was a member of the girl group LIPBUBBLE, under the stage name Seoryn.  After that, she joined the famous dance studio 1MILLION.  In 2020, she made it to the first round of Mnet’s Show Me The Money 9.

In the introduction video, Dayeon took the opportunity to show off both her strong skills of rapping and dancing. 

3. Kim Doah

  •  Kim Doah (17 years old)
  •  Views: 191,000
  •  Special ability: Waacking, elegant plagiarism and facial expressions exuding charm
  •  Hobbies: Practicing pilates, collecting perfumes
  •  MBTI Personality Type: ENTP (Foresight)

Girls Planet is the second survival show that Doah has participated in.  Earlier at Produce 48, Doah was a notable name, reaching the final round and stopping at 23rd. Although not debuting with IZ*ONE, this was still a good stepping stone for Doah during the time working with Fanatics, and helped her receive movie projects.

Although Doah’s skills have been shown to the public many times, when watching the introductory video, people are still amazed by the way she holds a full mouth of cherries while still showing off her sweet and clear voice.

2. Yujin

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  •  Yujin (24 years old)
  •  Views: 281,000
  •  Special ability: Japanese
  •  Hobbies: Practicing pilates, watching movies
  •  MBTI Personality Type: ENFP (Inspiring Person)

Debuting with CLC in 2015, Yujin is considered the most veteran idol to participate in Girls Planet 999. Although CLC is not too famous, with the existing fan base, Yujin has an initial advantage over other contestants. Especially when the Cheshires (CLC fans) enthusiastically supported her since there were only rumors about Yujin’s involvement.

In her introduction video, Yujin wowed viewers with her impressive vocal range and virtuosic skills in both contemporary dance and waacking.  As such a multi-talented idol, it is understandable that Yujin became an outstanding contestant with such impressive views. 

1. Huening Bahiyyih

  •  Huening Bahiyyih (16 years old)
  •  Views: 1,250,000
  •  Special ability: Dance
  •  Hobbies: Shopping, decorating journal
  •  MBTI Personality Type: ESFJ (Caring Person)

Before entering the entertainment industry, Bahiyyih was noticed as the beautiful younger sister of Hueningkai (TXT).  When he showed himself in the introduction video, Bahiyyih received even more love from netizens.  She has shown countless surprising talents from impersonating Spongebob’s laughter to balancing chopsticks on her nose.  In particular, she also covered SNSD’s Into the New World while jumping rope and performed Arianna Grande’s hit One Last Time with her sweet voice.

Possessing both the beauty, talent and reputation of her brother, Bahiyyih has far surpassed the remaining contestants with a respectable number of views.  Even Bahiyyih is expected to be the brightest name to succeed Somi to become the next half-breed center in the Mnet’s survival show.

Source: K14

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