Female Stars’ Airport Fashion: Did They Dress Up to Make Us Laugh?

The airport fashion of Korean female celebrities can be both impressive and cringe-worthy.

Korean celebrities are known for their impeccable style, and their airport fashion is no exception. 

From the classic combination of sweatpants and hoodies to the latest fashion trends, stars put together looks that often leave us in awe.

Lee Min-jung

However, there are also times when their fashion choices leave us scratching our heads, wondering if they dressed up just to make us laugh.

One celebrity who stands out with her bold fashion choice is Lee Min Jung. She was spotted wearing a long purple pleated dress and a matching jacket that exuded a feminine vibe. The glossy material of the dress added a unique touch to the outfit, but the long jacket that almost reached her thighs seemed a bit outdated. 

It was as if we were looking at a fashion trend from a decade ago. If she had opted for a more minimalistic approach with either the dress or the jacket, the overall look would have been more polished.

Another celebrity who caught our attention with her airport fashion is Lee Da Hee. She wore a chic black outfit, consisting of a leather outer and a pleated skirt that barely reached her knees. 

The combination of the short-sleeved jacket and the short skirt was not too feminine nor too masculine, striking a perfect balance between the two. However, her mismatched lace stockings seemed out of place and did not quite match the overall vibe of the outfit, leaving us with a somewhat awkward look.

Lee Da-hee

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo opted for a more casual look with her short puffy jacket, cargo pants, and a baseball cap. The natural and effortless style suited her well, especially when you consider the long hours she must endure during a flight. 

Jisoo’s outfit lacked any particular style, but it was nonetheless refreshing to see a celebrity dress down and wear something comfortable for a change. Her lack of attention to fashion details, from the crushed hat to the mismatched top and bottom, was endearing and embodied the essence of ‘doing your own thing.’

Lastly, Red Velvet’s Joy wore a burgundy-colored set-up, consisting of an unbalanced shoulder top and a skirt that showcased her femininity. However, the choice of material and the cut of the outfit did not flatter her body shape, making her look bulkier than she is. 


The casual shoes she paired with the set-up also seemed out of place, creating a mismatched look that did not quite hit the mark.

Source: Naver. 

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