This 36-year-old male actor gave a shocking confession: “I cheated on every girl I dated”

Star actor Shia LaBeouf (36) of the movie “Transformers 3” expressed his thoughts after being sued for sexual assault by his ex-girlfriend, singer FKA Twigs (34).

On August 27th (local time), Shia LaBeouf appeared on Jon Bernthal’s podcast “Real Ones” and mentioned the sexual assault case of FKA Twigs.

At the time, FKA Twigs claimed that Shia LaBeouf suffocated her and threatened to cause a car accident. She also revealed that he forced her to watch documentaries about murdered women before going to sleep, demanding that she sleep naked.

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This was not all. According to FKA Twigs, she was always scared because Shia LaBeouf slept with a loaded gun on his side of the bed. She also shocked the public by claiming that he intentionally infected her with sexually transmitted diseases.

In response, Shia LaBeouf said on the podcast, “I hurt that woman. And in the process of doing that, I hurt many other people, and many other people before that woman. I was a pleasure-seeking, selfish, self-centered, dishonest, inconsiderate, fearful human being.

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He continued, “I screwed it up bad. Like crash and burn type. Hurt a lot of people, and I’m fully aware of that. There’s a long list of people that I need to make amends to, and I’m going to owe for the rest of my life.”

Shia LaBeouf became famous for his role as Sam Witwicky in “Transformers.” In April, he welcomed his first child with actress and model Mia Goth (28).

Source: wikitree

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