IVE’s Jang Won-young praises herself for “2023 AAA” MC role “Is that why I am Jang Won-young?”

On Jan 7th, a video titled “JANGWONYOUNG 2023 AAA MC BEHIND” was posted on IVE’s official YouTube channel.

The video showcased the behind-the-scenes footage of the “2023 Asia Artist Awards IN THE PHILIPPINES (2023 AAA)” held at the Philippine Arena on Dec 14th, 2023. Jang Won-young actively participated as one of the 3 MCs alongside singer Kang Daniel and ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Han-bin.

In the video, Jang Won-young had a script reading session before the awards ceremony. She carefully checked details such as the flow, movement and timing of remarks.

jang won young

Jang Won-young then checked the contents of the script one by one. She said, “Now, for AAA, to be the MC this year too, Won-young came to Manila. So I finished the script reading in the morning. I got ready for the red carpet. Lastly, I am checking the script.

She added, “I have to talk in three languages today. Korean, English, and Japanese. I have an interview, and have to give the award, too. I have an important role.”

Jang Won-young shared, “There was a wrong translation for the Japanese line, so I am checking it now. I am revising it on my script myself. I will continue revising it.” She then praised herself, “I completed revising the wrong translations myself. I am proud of myself. Is that why I am Jang Won-young?

Expressing anticipation before the start of the “2023 AAA”, she commented, “This year, the running time is really long for this awards ceremony. So the script is really long, too. It is difficult to carry it with one hand. It takes long to carry it. Originally, there were 2 MCs, but this year there are 3 MCs. Still, we can divide the roles. I will look forward to it.”

jang won young

She continued, “I will do it happily today and then return to Korea. DIVE (fandom name) in Manila, I got to see them after a long while, so it is great.”

Jang Won-young also revealed her busy schedule, saying, “I will return to Korea today. I will arrive tomorrow. I am the MC for the Song Festival tomorrow. I hope DIVE cheer for me a lot. Then that strength will reach me.”

Afterwards, Jang Won-young successfully concluded the “2023 AAA”. Coming down from the stage, she showed a busy appearance, saying, “It was a long journey of 6 hours. I have to quickly return to Korea and be the MC of Song Festival. Now, as soon as I came down, I should get changed and then go to the airport.”

She promised, “I really want to thank DIVE in the Philippines who were at AAA today. See you again in Korea. I will visit Philippines again through the world tour or a concert.”

Source: Daum

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