Minhyuk (MONSTA X) got angry at a call from a sasaeng fan during his live broadcast, “I told you to stop…”

Minhyuk (MONSTA X) gave a warning to the sasaeng fan who kept calling him during his live broadcast.

On November 3rd, Minhyuk went on live through MONSTA X’s V LIVE channel to celebrate his birthday. While communicating with fans, Minhyuk received a phone call, and he gently warned, “A Monbebe (MONSTA X’s fanclub name) is calling me right now. Please don’t do that. The fan calling me can’t be called a Monbebe.”

Minhyuk continued to talk with fans, but then received another call from that sasaeng fan. Therefore, Minhyuk frowned and said, “Ah, I told you to stop calling. Why would an uninvited person interfere with my party? I told you not to do that again.” then rejected the call.

monsta x minhyuk

After a while, the phone rang again, and Minhyuk stared at the camera in silence for a few seconds. Minhyuk then continued the broadcast lamenting, “I told people not to interfere by calling, but why is there a (phone) call?

Internet users who heard the story responded, “He must be a God not swearing to that,” “I started watching it with good feelings, but I was very angry while watching the broadcast,” “I’ve never seen Minhyuk’s expression like this,” “He has to say it calmly,” and “Sasaeng fans have to be lessoned hard to understand.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X is set to release its new mini-album “NO LIMIT” on November 19th, and will release its second U.S. full-length album “THE DREAMING” on December 10.

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