Top 4 most-streamed albums by a K-pop female solo act on Spotify (ft. BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Rosé, and more) 

Who is the K-pop female soloist with the highest stream count for an album on Spotify? 

Spotify is one of the largest and most popular music streaming platforms in the world. Let’s find out which are the 4 most-streamed albums released by K-pop female solo acts in the history of Spotify. 

1. BLACKPINK’s Lisa – LALISA: 564.7 million streams 

At the beginning of September 2021, before officially making her solo debut, Lisa’s individual Spotify profile was launched. After less than a year, Lisa has gained more than 2.8 million followers on Spotify, making her the 3rd most followed K-pop female soloist on this platform. 

Lisa’s debut album LALISA, with only two tracks, has garnered 564.7 million streams, helping Lisa top this list with the most-streamed album ever by a K-pop female solo act on Spotify. 

2. BLACKPINK’s Rosé – -R-: 324.1 million streams

Lisa is followed by her fellow member Rosé in 2nd place. With two songs on her first-ever solo single album, Rosé earned 324.1 million streams. With the release of -R-, Rosé’s also became the first K-pop female solo singer to reach half a million copies of physical albums sold on Hanteo.


3. IU – Palette: 323.7 million streams

Featuring BIGBANG’s G-Dragon in the successful title track of the same name, IU’s 2017 album Palette records a total stream count of 323.7 million on Spotify. IU is also the female K-pop solo artist with the most followers on Spotify.


4. Jeon Somi – XOXO: 316.9 million streams 

Jeon Somi is only turning 20 this year. She is the youngest among the female stars on this list but the success she has achieved on her own has been impressive. Somi started out as the center of project girl group I.O.I and debuted for the second time as a soloist. Her debut studio album XOXO has achieved 316.9 million streams on Spotify. 

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