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Ha Ha, “I could have seduced Song Ji Hyo”… Byul, “He said I was the easiest” (“Dolsing Fourmen)

Byul talked about how her husband Ha Ha showed off to both her and Song Ji Hyo.

Ha Ha and Byul, who have been married for 11 years, appeared on SBS’s “Dolsing Fourmen” broadcast on February 21st.

On the show, Lee Sang Min talked about Ha Ha, “He likes showing off”, adding “Ha Ha once apologized to Song Ji Hyo for marrying Go Eun (Byul), saying he could have seduced her.”

Dolsing Fourmen

Ha Ha said, “Since we’re talking about this in front of my wife, I’m feeling so embarrassed. Ji Hyo must have been very upset. I’ve been drinking a lot since then. I didn’t feel the same way”. Seeing Ha Ha continue to show off, Tak Jae Hoon commented, “If you are going to show off, you have to continue doing it until the end. If you stop in the middle, you will look like a fool.”

Dolsing Fourmen

Ha Ha kept showing off, saying “She said she was swayed by my words. She’s not my ideal type. To Ji Hyo, I’m just a bad guy”. Byul then exposed Ha Ha’s bluff, saying “He said seducing me was the easiest because I fell for him quickly. He said that to other people. I wonder how I can embarrass him once.”

While everyone was criticizing Ha Ha’s bluff, Tak Jae Hoon said, “I can understand you. They don’t understand you no matter how much you explain it. But I understand you right away”, drawing laughter.

Source: Nate

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