aespa Members’ Individual Instagram Usernames Create Frenzy Among Fans

The members of aespa have finally opened their own individual Instagram accounts.

On May 22nd, aespa members launched their personal Instagram account.


As their first post, each aespa member posted a mirror selfie of the four of them together, showcasing their close friendship.

In the photos, the members are wearing the same outfits they wore when they went to the airport for the Cannes International Film Festival in France.

Within just one hour of being public, aespa members’ individual accounts gained over 500,000 followers, proving their worldwide popularity.

Currently, the member with the highest number of followers is Karina. All members’ accounts have exceeded 1 million followers.

Earlier, on May 10th, aespa appeared in a YouTube show and raised a complaint about wanting to create personal Instagram accounts.

When Heo Youngji suggested they create private accounts, Ningning honestly replied, “We already have them.” 

Afterwards, the members further increased fans’ anticipation by receiving Instagram account username recommendations through the private messaging app Bubble.

aespa members previously mentioned their planned Instagram usernames in an interview with the fashion magazine Elle.


At that time, Giselle said she liked the English letter ‘X,’ so she planned to use a lot of X’s and add ‘Gigi’ at the end. Ningning mentioned considering IDs with ‘n2,’ ‘nX2,’ or ‘n².’ Winter expressed her desire to include her stage name ‘Winter’ and her birthdate (January 1, 2001). Karina mentioned wanting to create an ID that doesn’t include her real name ‘Jimin’ or her stage name ‘Karina.’

However, aespa members’ actual Instagram usernames do not incorporate any of the ideas they previously mentioned, making fans laugh.


Fans reacted with comments such as “aespa’s first feed photo on Instagram is so cute. It’s a photo taken by the account owners themselves,” “It turns out no one made an account as they said,” and “Karina and Winter didn’t write any captions, Giselle just wrote ‘ㅎㅇ?’ (Hi?), and Ningning wrote ‘It’s NINGNING here.’ They’re so cute, showing their personalities.

Source: wikitree

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