The beauty of famous Korean actresses in their debut work

The beauty of these actresses in their debut work has left a strong impression in the hearts of the audience.

1. Son Ye Jin

son ye jin

Son Ye Jin got her first role in her acting career in 2001, when she was only 19 years old. Instead of struggling with small supporting roles, she was chosen for the female lead role in her debut work – Delicious Proposal. Thanks to her Son’s sweet and pure beauty, after participating in this work, Son Ye Jin received the title of the “national first love”.

son ye jin
son ye jin

2. Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo joined the entertainment industry with the role of a model. In 1996, she first appeared on the Korean small screen through the blockbuster First Love with a very small role as one of the students who were tutored by the female lead. Despite her briefly appearance, Song Hye Kyo still made a strong impression with her lovely and attractive beauty.

3. Park Bo Young

park bo young secret campus

In 2006, Park Bo Young debuted as an actress with the drama Secret Campus, in collaboration with the famous actor Lee Min Ho. The interesting fact of this drama is that both of its leading actors were just no-name rookies at that time. Looking at the images of Park Bo Young in this drama, the audience could not help but be surprised because her beauty seems to have remained unchanged even after 17 years.

park bo young secret campus

4. Jeon Ji Hyun

jun ji hyun steal my heart

Jeon Ji Hyun first appeared on the screen through the work “Steal My Heart”, released in 1998. At this time, Jeon Ji Hyun only took on a supporting role.  However, she still makes a strong impression on the public by her beautiful and outstanding appearance, which is not inferior to any famous beauties.

5. Kim Tae Hee

When she was still in school, Kim Tae Hee started acting in commercials.  When the crew of Last Present needed an actor to play the role of the high school version of Lee Young Ae, Kim Tae Hee was chosen by chance. Just like what the script described about the character, Kim Tae Hee at that time exuded the pure beauty of a schoolgirl.

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