IRRIS, girl group that Lee Byung Hun paid attention to, presented a performance full of excitement

Girl group IRRIS shook viewers’ hearts with a stage full of emotion and excitement.

IRRIS (I.L., Liv, Yunseul, Nina) appeared on SBS’ “Inkigayo”, which aired on Dec 11th, and performed their new single’s title song “Stay W!th Me”.

On this day, IRRIS targeted the MZ generation’s taste with their beauty and trendy black styling. They also captivated eyes and ears with their warm performance and unique vocals that highlighted team chemistry.


In particular, IRRIS dominated the stage with their cool choreography that utilized long arms and legs. The members received favorable responses by expressing the lyrics full of excitement with various facial expressions and gestures.


IRRIS’ new song “Stay With Me” stands out with minimal sounds that fill the song abundantly and vocals’ sensibility. A warm mood is added through the arrangement using an electric guitar. The lyrics contain pure feelings for the loved one as well as the thrill and nervousness when falling in love.


IRRIS is a girl group launched by Justice Records, a newly launched music division of Taewon Entertainment (the production company of the drama “Iris”). Accordingly, lead actor Lee Byung Hun of the drama “Iris” sent a cheering coffee truck to IRRIS’ debut showcase, helping the group draw attention from the beginning.

Source: Wikitree

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