Jinyoung Mentions ‘Sweet Home 2’ Co-star Go Min-si, “We Relied On Each Other A Lot During Filming”

“Sweet Home 2” Jinyoung revealed his feelings about working with actress Go Min-si

On December 4th, Jinyoung had an interview with Sports Chosun at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul and talked about his new drama “Sweet Home 2”, which was released on December 1st. 

“Sweet Home 2” continues to tell the struggles of Hyun-soo in a world where humans with desires become monsters with the emergence of new beings and mysterious phenomena after leaving Green Home with other survivors. Following the success of Season 1, director Lee Eung-bok presents an expanded worldview with more diverse stories and characters in Season 2.

During the interview, Jinyoung said, “When I first received the casting offer, rather than feeling pressured, I was actually very excited to do it. The director explained the character to me and I thought he described it very beautifully. The character is very nice, and he’s like a rose growing on the rough asphalt so I really wanted to try it”. 

Regarding the filming process, he shared, “Since I enjoyed Season 1 so much, I also felt more burdened when it came to the big and important scenes”.

Jinyoung took on the role of Park Chan-young, a righteous Private soldier who is tasked with transporting survivors in the world devastated by monsters. Introducing his character, Jinyoung said, “For justice, he is willing to let go of everything and doesn’t hesitate to go into dangerous places”.

In particular, Jinyoung performed perfect chemistry with Go Min-si, who continues to play Eun-yu in Season 2.

Jinyoung confessed, “Min-si is very kind and she has positive energy. No matter how hard the scene was, she never showed her exhausted face. Since our personalities are similar, we were able to rely on each other during the shoot and worked harder.”

Regarding the future development of Eun-yu and Chan-young’s narratives, he said, “More terrifying events will happen in Season 3. As I said earlier, Chan-young will try to complete his missions until the end. I hope everyone will look forward to seeing what Chan-young will do for Eun-yu in the next season”, raising viewers’ expectations.

Source: Daum

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