‘TikTok data’ will be added to Music Bank’s social media criteria to determine weekly ranking 

KBS2’s Music Bank has begun to reflect TikTok and YouTube data in the K-Chart ranking.

Recently, the production crew of Music Bank released the details of the K-chart ranking for the 4th week of February on the official website, but the winning criteria have been somewhat different, thus attracting the attention of many K-pop fans.

Initially, K-Chart came up with the final score by compiling 65% of digital music, 5% of physical album sales, 20% of broadcast points and 10% of viewers preference. However, the newly changed ranking method has reduced digital music to 60% and the social media/SNS criteria (5%) has been included.

Music Bank’s social media criteria

Music Bank announced that YouTube and TikTok data provided by Gaon Chart will be used for their social media criteria. Music Bank reportedly plans to comprehensively reflect the number of views and likes of videos posted on YouTube and TikTok.

Music Bank’s social media criteria

With the reorganization of the chart by taking into account the data collected from TikTok, an app that is widely used by Chinese fans, it is expected that the influence of Chinese fans on K-pop will increase. Together with the impact of global fans on K-chart, it seems that the competition for 1st place on Music Bank will become more intense moving forward. 

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment’s rookie boy group Treasure topped Music Bank’s K-Chart for the 4th week of February.

Music Bank’s social media criteria
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