This sexy Kpop idol is totally unrecognizable in her latest K-drama

Once regarded as a sexy icon, this female Kpop idol lost all her charms due to the weird styling of her new K-drama. 

After over a year of absence, Seolhyun – the sexy queen of Kpop group AOA, finally came back to the acting industry via the new series “The Killer’s Shopping List”, which also stars famous actor Lee Kwang Soo. With the teaser released, Seolhyun’s visual quickly became a hot topic – albeit not for positive reasons. In particular, her appearance with curled bangs, messy hair, and disastrous fashion style basically rendered the idol unrecognizable. 

On Korean online communities, people have been saying that Seolhyun then and now are basically different people, with her past seductive beauty completely gone. According to them, while this is not the first time Seolhyun opted to look ugly for the screen, this must be the worst hairstyle as of date. Some more positive people still maintain that Seolhyun is still pretty, just with weird bangs, but they are just a meager minority. 

Amid all the talks about Seolhyun’s visuals, however, netizens seem to agree on one thing: the idol isn’t the best at acting. Ever since her acting debut, this former AOA member never landed a remarkable role, they said, and hoped that Seolhyun had improved in “The Killer’s Shopping List”. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • You guys need to understand that styling for idols and actresses are different. This is a terrible hairstyle for Seolhyun, but she looked quite pretty in “Unexpected Business”.
  • Is it the angle or the bangs… I couldn’t recognize her at first
  • She really sacrificed visuals for her character
  • Seolhyun always gets good scripts only to ruin it all with her amateur acting. 
  • That’s still pretty though? She just looks different. 
  • Minus the bangs, I think her visuals are fine. But can’t say I expect much with her level of acting. Good scripts, good co-stars – she has everything except acting talents. 

“The Killer’s Shopping List” revolves around a murder case in the suburbs of Seoul, where a shopping bill became an important clue to the culprit’s identity. Here, Seolhyun will play a policewoman who closely works with a convenience store worker, played by Lee Kwang Soo. 

the killer shopping list

The series airs every Wednesday and Thursdays on tvN. 

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