Critic Kim Gap Soo explains his criticism towards Park Eun Bin, no apology

Cultural critic Kim Gap Soo, who recently criticized Park Eun Bin’s Daesang acceptance speech, expressed his position.

iMBC Entertainment exclusively reported an interview with cultural critic Kim Gap Soo on May 3rd.

Kim Gap Soo did not apologize to Park Eun Bin. Instead, he emphasized that he had no intention of attacking Park Eun Bin and explained the purpose of his remarks at that time.

Kim Gap Soo said to the media, “I don’t mind the criticism I receive, however, Park Eun Bin became the subject of my story. I think our society lacks the virtue of emotional restraint when it comes to expressing feelings about personal relationships.”

He continued, “I pointed out two things about the awards ceremony. One of them is that acceptance speeches seem to lack meaningful content and are filled with repeated thank-you greetings for individuals. When in the spotlight, it’s necessary for celebrities to at least control their emotions. It has become too common to express one’s feelings only through tears. I had no intention of attacking Park Eun Bin. I just mentioned her as an example because she received the Grand Prize and is the most discussed figure these days.”

He added, “There was something I couldn’t say on ‘Maebul Show’ that day. The Korean entertainment industry has reached a level that is noticeable to the world. Especially, this award ceremony was also broadcast live around the world. I hope celebrities realize the fact that many people around the world were watching them crying, sniffling, and bowing continuously because they had nothing to deliver through their speeches and couldn’t control themselves.”

Earlier on the 1st, “Jung Young Jin, Choi Wook’s Maebul Show” talked about topics related to the recent 59th Baeksang Arts Awards. During the broadcast, Kim Gap Soo criticized the acceptance speech actress Park Eun Bin made at the awards ceremony when she won the Grand Prize for ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.


He said, “She’s a great actress so I’m saying this with affection. However, when Park Eun Bin was announced as the winner, she bowed more than 30 times before coming onto the stage. The actress kept bowing. What kind of etiquette is that?”.

He emphasized, “You should keep a sense of dignity. Because Park Eun Bin is not 18 years old anymore. She’s already over 30. Learn from Song Hye Kyo. I don’t intend to disparage the value of winning the Grand Prize.”

The critic then advised, “I hope celebrities can just say what they think at every awards ceremony. I understand that you must have been very happy at that moment, there were many people watching so you shouldn’t cry. All winners bowed to express gratitude. Some people may think bowing repeatedly is polite, but they are bowing too much. Things were not like that in the past”, adding “Tang Wei and Song Hye Kyo’s behaviors are textbooks, so please look at them”.

Source: Wikitree

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