“I dream of becoming an idol while watching G-Dragon,” the confidence of girl group Busters with an average age of 17

Attention is focused on Busters, who has returned after two years as a 5-member group, as they united with their refreshing and lively charm to color the music industry with pink excitement.

Busters (Ji-eun, Takara, Minji, Seira, and Yoonji), who are actively active with their new song “Futt,” are drawing attention with new faces, fresh visuals, and uniquely bold and lively charms. With members born in between 2004 to 2007, Busters has an average age of 17.6. 


Recently, Busters had some time to find out the different personalities and charms of the five members through an interview with X-Sports News. Here, Busters honestly reveal the roles of each member in the team, MBTI, and their favorite tastes. 

First of all, Seira, a 19-year-old Japanese member who was born in 2004, is the eldest member who is in charge of keeping the team harmonized. Seira’s MBTI is IFSJ, showing her friendly and gentle personality. At the same time, Seira’s prudence as the only “J” (planning and judgment) type in the team can clearly be seen. 


Seira, who usually enjoys cooking, said, “I’m good at making Japanese food. I make very delicious Japanese hamburgers and sushi. I’m running a personal YouTube channel with cooking as the main content.” In addition, Seira expressed her extraordinary ambition, saying, “I have learned dancing for nine years, I originally dreamed of becoming a dancer, and I want to dance better.” 


Takara, another Japanese member of Busters, was born in 2005 and is 18 years old this year. As she was selected from a dance academy before officially joining the team, she boasts extraordinary dance skills and is active as a main dancer in the team. Takara’s MBTI is INTP. Takara, who enjoys spending time alone and is curious about everything, said she likes fashion with strong personalities that are difficult for others to digest. “I like to cosplay as an animation character,” Takara said. 


In particular, Takara said that the reason why she became interested in K-pop and culture as a whole was the influence of BIGBANG G-Dragon. Takara said, “When I saw G-Dragon when I was in sixth grade of elementary school, I discovered the new world of idols and became interested in Korean culture. I wanted to be a Korean idol like G-Dragon,” she said.   

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The 18-year-old leader, Ji-eun, who is the same age as Takara and leads the team, has boasted extraordinary talents since childhood to an extent that she has experience as a child model and actress. Ji-eun said, “I heard that when I was a model at the age of five, I complained a lot because I didn’t know much at that age. As I got older and became a trainee, I developed my dream of becoming an idol and an actress,” she said. 

busters ji eun

Ji-eun’s MBTI is ISTP. Ji-eun likes to communicate with people in a noisy atmosphere while enjoying a quiet time alone. “I think I have both E (extroverted) and I (introverted). I like to talk and communicate with people, but I also like to spend time alone,” she said, showing her leadership side.

Source: daum

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