These lines from “Twenty-five, Twenty-one” make every viewer’s heart flutter 

One of the highlights of “Twenty-five, Twenty-one” must be its simple but sweet lines.  

K-Dramas of recent years are seeing a more defined, smoother dedication of the writers to the character’s lines, and “Twenty-five, Twenty-one” is also one of them. Thanks to those words, this drama is pushed to another new level.

Some said, “Twenty-five, Twenty-one” is the first drama since “Hospital Playlist” that can make their hearts flutter just with the character’s lines. The drama is not just a youth romance one but is also about the story of two young people Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) and Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) against the harsh era. She was 18 when she met the 22-year-old him, but when she started to reach her success, his career started to go backward.

Both met at the right time, grew together, healed each other, and energized each other.

“You are by far the most experienced fencer when it comes to losing. Those losses were blocks to build yourself stairs leading up. Think about it. Now you’ve got the highest staircase. Take your time to climb it and take whatever you want.”

This is considered the moment Hee Do and Yi Jin opened up their hearts to each other. They acknowledged their wrongdoings and failures, turning their relationship into trustworthy friends who encouraged each other.

The 4th episode is when these 2 main characters started to edge closer to each other,  slowly and delicately. The scene where Yi Jin poked Hee Do with the fencing saber is a silent affirmation of his “because you give me the expectation, now I want more”. The audience praised how the writer built this relationship based on their trust in each other and not just love at first sight. The lines of “Twenty-five Twenty-one” is undeniably good.

“When it’s just us two, let’s be happy together. Secretly”

Twenty-five, Twenty-one

This line appeared in the ending scene of episode 4. Yi Jin is lucky to have Hee Do as a source of strength. Even though Yi Jin seems to have lost everything, he is able to cope with his life when receiving Hee Do‘s support and encouragement.

A 22-year-old boy, who promises not to be happy for the rest of his life, made viewers feel heartbroken. Accepting reality may be difficult, but even with regret, Yi Jin will find what belongs to him. Perhaps because of that, Yi Jin can encourage Hee Do and vice versa.

Twenty-five, Twenty-one

“I don’t know if it’s because I’m running or excited, but I’m out of breath. The wind brings about green leaves. It’s in the middle of a summer day”

Twenty-five, Twenty-one

We called each other’s names at the age of 18 and 22, ran away from the darkness, crossed the schoolyard under the stars at night. We ran across the small basement then you said, “Let’s be happy for a while when it’s just us two”. Your clear eyes under the night sky and your sincere smile pulled me out of the clouds. Thank you, 18-year-old Na Hee Do. The ending scene of episode 2 was “crazy“!

“I miss you. I’ll appear when the 15th volume of Full House comes out”

The love story between the two is linked to Full House, so Baek Yi Jin seems to have used this fixed date as a date with Na Hee Do.

But who knows, it took more than half a year for volume 15 to be published. Without the male lead appearing to cheer with hugs, “Twenty-five, Twenty-One” expressed in a very unique way that there is no need to be together but we should trust each other, like the way Yi Jin painted blue for the sword to celebrate Hee Do becoming the national team’s member.

Twenty-five, Twenty-one” is a light, healing drama with lines that make us flutter. If you are still wondering whether to watch it, I think “Twenty-five, Twenty-one” is the movie you should watch at least 10 times in your life. After watching, I have a different view about this life. There will always be people who believe in and support you no matter how many times you fail.

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