BLACKPINK’s Lisa Continues to Face Criticism in China Despite Topping Weibo’s Hot Search

Lisa’s banquet outfit recently stole the spotlight on Weibo, but the fallout from her Crazy Horse show still lingers 

The palace banquet, attended by BLACKPINK members on November 21, showcased Lisa in a stunning blue gown, earning her the No.1 spot on Weibo’s hot search for “Lisa’s style at the banquet.” 

Fans flooded with comments praising Lisa’s princess-like looks, comparing her to Elsa from “Frozen.” However, besides positive comments, many Chinese netizens continued to criticize Lisa. This is the aftermath of her controversial Crazy Horse show.

Comments like “Don’t compare her to Elsa, it’s dirty,” and “Why didn’t she wear something like at Crazy Horse to the event? Isn’t she proud of it?” flooded Weibo. Some negative comments garnered significant interaction with over 21,000 likes.

There were even speculations that Lisa’s fans bought her No. 1 spot on Weibo’s hot search. 

Despite maintaining her position on hot search, questions linger about whether Lisa is facing a blacklist in China. Some argued that trending on Weibo doesn’t necessarily equate to being blacklisted. Blacklisted Chinese artists like Zheng Shuang, Kris Wu, and Li Yifeng still manage to appear on Weibo’s hot search and garner huge engagements.

After completing five performances at Crazy Horse, Lisa’s Weibo account was deleted. Her fan page’s account on the platform also disappeared. Notably, Chinese celebrities who attended Lisa’s performance, Angelababy and Jenny Zhang, found themselves on China’s blacklist. 

This is because China strictly prohibits celebrities from organizing, participating in, or promoting illegal activities, especially those involving explicit content. 

Many Chinese netizens have continued to express their disapproval of Lisa’s Crazy Horse show, saying, “They claim to champion women’s freedom through undressing, but women with actual power and capability wouldn’t resort to strip dancing.” Another comment reads, “A top female idol ends up participating in a strip show. Even in such shows, there’s a stark divide between those with fame and money undressing less and those without power and money. It’s disheartening.” 

Concerns were also raised about the impact on Lisa’s young teenage fans, with one comment emphasizing, “Many of Lisa’s fans are young teens. This has an impact on them. Strip shows might be common in Thailand, but I hope she distances herself from the K-pop title in the future.” 

Another netizen questioned the shift in direction for BLACKPINK, asking, “Why is BLACKPINK, a globally famous group, moving towards revealing more skin? I don’t understand Jennie and Lisa’s choices,” referring to Jennie’s controversial HBO drama “The Idol.”

Source: K14

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