“He’s an actor but he can sing so well”… Son Seok-gu amazes fans with his unexpected singing skills

Son Seok-gu, who is enjoying his heyday with the movie “The Roundup” and JTBC’s drama “My Liberation Notes”, is gaining huge popularity.

Son Seok-gu drew keen attention by showing off different charms in each work. Many viewers were astonished by his character transformation and how he could perfectly portray two completely different characters in his recent works. 

Son Seok-gu

Son Seok-gu played a villain in “The Roundup” and gave off a “thrilling sexy” vibe but appeared as a “tsundere” in “My Liberation Notes”.

Son Seok-gu

While movie and drama fans are pouring out compliments for Son Seok-gu’s attractive and excellent acting skills, his “unexpected” singing ability has also been re-examined.

In 2020, Son Seok-gu appeared on KBS CoolFM’s “Kang Han-na’s Volume Up Radio” and did a live performance. He chose the song “About Thirty” by the late singer Kim Kwang-seok and sang it without background music. 

Son Seok-gu

Having no special singing technique, Son Seok-gu comforted listeners with his deep voice and made them close their eyes to enjoy the song. DJ Kang Han-na also fell in love with Son Seok-gu’s voice, which perfectly harmonized with Kim Kwang-seok’s lyrics, as she carefully watched him singing. 

Internet users who encountered Son Seok-gu’s version of “About Thirty” gave enthusiastic responses, such as “Wow, what can’t he do?”, “It’s the voice that makes you keep listening to”, etc.


Meanwhile, “The Roundup” starring Son Seok-gu continues to dominate the top spot on the box office chart by becoming the first movie to hit 6.5 million admissions this year. 

Source: Insight

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