Seventeen DK’s panicked reaction to Dino’s mistake during a live broadcast

Seventeen DK was bewildered by a member’s mistake during a VLIVE broadcast.

DK held a personal VLIVE broadcast at dawn on Jan 25th. On the way, Dino came in and said, “I feel like making a scene. But on days like this, Ye-won noona is always here. Oh, she’s not here?”

Seventeen DK

DK, who heard Dino’s words, said in panic, “I was doing VLIVE.” Dino also panickedly replied, “I see.”

Seventeen DK

Afterwards, Vernon appeared on the screen and greeted the fans, then DK hastily ended the broadcast.

Seventeen DK

Fans showed various reactions such as “Who is Ye-won noona?”, “Is she his girlfriend? If she’s just a staff, there’s no way he’ll react like that”, “Is he bringing his girlfriend to the dorm?”, “Let’s just think she’s a staff”, “Is she a female idol he’s close to?”…

Seventeen DK
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