“There’s nothing to be ashamed of”, Yang Hyun-suk appeals to his staffs before appearing at the police

Yang Hyun-suk, former head of YG Entertainment, is said to have pleaded innocent to the allegations surrounding him in front of all of his staffs.

Yang was summoned as a witness by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s metropolitan investigation team at 4 p.m. on June 26th. The investigation took 9 hours that day.

According to a report “SBS funE” on June 28th, Yang told YG employees ahead of his appearance at the police that he had nothing to be ashamed of in relation to the recent sexual favors scandal that erupted through the media and “There is no need to panic,” he was quoted as saying. We are guessing that this is what he said to calm the staff inside the mess.

Meanwhile, police are investigating immigration records of Southeast Asian financier Jho Low, who is suspected of receiving sexual services from Yang.

It has been reported that Yang’s additional alleged sexual favors were detected in the process and the police are summoning the people involved to find out the facts.

Source: dispatch

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