Start of internal cracks? YG Entertainment is showing signs of a mass breakaway of its entertainers

YG Entertainment’s celebrities are showing signs of departure after B.I’s drug controversy.

On the 18th, the World Daily reported, using words from an entertainment industry official, that some star-level celebrities have recently shown signs of wanting to break away from the agency.

The public perception of YG has plummeted due to the drug controversy among YG singers“, the entertainment industry official said, adding that the company is in a stage where it has become a serious time for the actors, who has to manage their image, to consider changing the agency.

This source also said that a number of YG-affiliated actors are considering moving to another agency. Some YG actors are even reportedly actively contacting other agencies.

Another entertainment insider said, “Other agencies offer specific conditions, such as appointing a lawyer to deal with the termination and other things related to their exclusive contract with YG if they move their agencies.

Such signs of departure were reportedly caused by the huge effect of “the actors must have use drug as well” perception and the “YG boycott” campaign just because the actors were under YG’s management.

In fact, it is heard that broadcasting companies and commercial companies are trying to avoid re-signing or signing new contracts with them just because their agencies are YG.

Currently, YG Entertainment has even gained the nickname of “Drugstore” due to its celebrities’ endless “drug controversy”.

With Yang Hyun-suk stepping down from all his posts, attention is being focused to whether YG will be able to escape the crisis and re-gain the public trust.

Source: nate

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