Dancer from “Dreamers” MV showers BTS Jungkook with praise, even became a fan 

After working with BTS Jungkook in the MV “Dreamers” for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, a dancer from the Philippines cannot hold back his praises.

BTS Jungkook recently became the main character in the 2022 World Cup song “Dreamers”, which has since topped the iTunes chart in 102 nations. At the same time, the MV for “Dreamers” enjoyed huge attention, having surpassed 53 million views after just 13 days of release. 

The MV for BTS Jungkook’s “Dreamers”, which is published on the official YouTube channel of FIFA, has surpassed 53 million views 

Through the song, BTS Jungkook has earned a lot of praises, not only from BTS and soccer fans, but also from the very people that worked with him on the set of “Dreamers”, and Allen Charles Saguion, a Filipino dancer based in Qatar, is a prime example. 

In particular, the dancer recalled his first encounter with Jungkook in an interview with Filipino media outlet Philstar, and revealed that everyone on the set was excited. “I looked at him straight in the eye and he was smiling. He greeted every dancer on set,” the dancer added, 

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Saguion also admired Jungkook’s height, his baby face, and his scent that is memorable even weeks later. “His perfume was like a manly smell with a mix of baby scent”, the dancer recalled with fondness. 

Next, Saguion also had a lot of praise for Jungkook’s dancing skills, describing that they “were amazing”, and that the male idol “literally owned it”. 

BTS Jungkook
The Filipino dancer (outer left), recounted his experience working with BTS Jungkook

Finally, according to Saguion, Jungkook’s consideration and kindness knows no boundaries. Apparently, the male idol “always says thank you”, and always checks if everyone on set was okay or tired. 

“He was owing every time we finished a take. He was super kind. He never ignored us,” the dancer claimed, deeply impressed. 

Finally, the Filipino dancer revealed that after the experience, he started listening to every song and music video that featured Jungkook. In fact, Jungkook made him change his mind about big artists, and showed “love and kindness with simple gestures and words”.

“He was different”, the dancer concluded, and confessed that he has become a fan. 

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According to the dancer, the BTS member was extremely friendly and caring, even changing his mind about big artists. 

Source: Philstar 

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