The worst K-drama cross-dressing in history: the styling is off for both genders!

This K-drama’s take on cross-dressing has been heavily criticized.

The boy love genre is starting to gain traction in the K-drama field, and “Love In Spring” is a notable boy love work to be released this May. However, the series is already under heavy fire for its very few teasers, particularly those that revealed the styling of the leading actor Kim Song. 

Born in 1992, yet Kim Song has only played in 3 projects, with “Love In Spring” being his first major role. However, in historical clothes and especially while cross-dressing, the actor is being said to not be “male lead material”. According to netizens, Kim Song’s rough features are ill-fitted for feminine clothing and makeup, while period male clothes don’t suit the actor either. 

Love In Spring
Kim Song (right) dressed as a woman.
Love In Spring
Kim Song’s male styling (left, in pink)

In addition, netizens also seem confused at the synopsis of this K-drama. “Love In Spring” is supposed to revolved around a slave named Salbyul (played by Kim Song), who escaped his lowly life by becoming the third daughter of the Choi Jinsa clan, and now lives as young lady Choi Hye Song. Besides Kim Song, the rest of the cast include Yoo Young Jae, Kim Seong Hee, Lee Do Ha, and more – all pretty unfamiliar names in the K-drama world. 

Love In Spring
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