Goo Hye-sun: “Returning to acting? They told me to lose weight first”

Referring to Goo Hye-sun’s plan to return to acting, she said, “I think you will see me if I lose weight.”

On the afternoon of Oct 6th, the screening of “Director Goo Hye-sun’s Short Story Line” and a Group Viewing event were held at Lotte Cinema Daeyoung branch in Jung-gu, Busan. Director Goo Hye-sun and actress Ahn Seo-hyun attended the event.

goo hye sun

One audience wondered, “When can I see your acting activities again?” and Koo Hye-sun laughed, saying, “I think you can see me again if I lose some weight.” 

“I always have plans and things to watch for my next acting work, but I’m losing weight first because they told me that I have to lose weight first,” he said. “And the system to prepare for a drama has changed comparing to the past. In the past, I could be cast yesterday and filmed today, but it’s different these days. I’ve been preparing since a year ago. There are parts where the pre-production need to be slow, so I’m looking carefully,” she said with a smile.

goo hye sun

Meanwhile, Koo Hye-sun met with the audience through “Community BIFF,” a spin-off festival of the 27th Busan International Film Festival. Starting with her first directorial debut, “The Madonna,” five short films were screened, including “You,” “Fragment of Sweet Memories,” “Mystery Pink” and “Dark Yellow.” In addition, at one of the community BIFF programs, “Community BIFF Road,” her feature film production “Peach Tree” will be screened outdoors, and the GV event will be held before the screening.

Source: daum

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