“The ugliest K-Pop female idol” shocked fans with her visual when standing next to IVE’s beauty

Knet who once criticized the ugliest girl in K-Pop history must now be ashamed of their words!

On February 20th, rookie girl group VIVIZ performed their debut song “BOP BOP!” for the first time on the stage of the music show Inkigayo. The trio of former GFRIEND members made a strong impression with the pink-white outfits, showing off their shimmering and youthful beauty that was no less than Gen Z juniors. In particular, the moment VIVIZ stood in the same frame with MC Ahn Yujin (IVE) in the interview made the social media explode. Many people were surprised because the 4 girls’ visuals harmonized as if the girl group had 4 members.


Among the 4 female idols, VIVIZ’s youngest member Umji received the most compliments for her beauty. She was wearing a simple pink dress with loose hair but she still stole all the spotlight on the stage. Surprisingly, Yujin is one of the outstanding beauties of IVE, recognized by Knet as one of the top visuals in the 4th generation but could not surpass Umji when standing in the same frame.

The moment when VIVIZ and Yujin shared the same frame caused a fever on social media
Umji and Yujin’s beauty is equally gorgeous despite the age difference of 5 years. Yujin is the top beauty in the 4th gen but still can’t overwhelm her senior
The 1998-born female idol is extremely beautiful and outstanding on the Inkigayo stage

When she first debuted, Umji was once criticized by Knet as “the ugliest female idol in K-Pop history”. She has a rather round appearance, chubby cheeks, and a slightly heavy body. Although her stable talent is enough to make up for her lack of beauty, Umji still lacks confidence when on stage. She was often caught with her head down or hiding behind her members to avoid being on camera.

When she first debuted with GFRIEND, Umji was estranged from Knet because of her different visuals
She used to be overweight, chubby, her beauty was rated below average
On stage, she had to cover her face with her hair, not daring to look directly and trying her best to avoid being on camera

However, thanks to her effort in losing weight and taking care of her appearance after debut, Umji gradually transformed into a beauty with a luxurious aura. The female idol’s body after 7 years of debut has reached the Korean standard of slim body, no less than other members like SinB or Eunha

Umji is so pretty now, no more the visual hole of the group
Both her body and charisma make fans fall in love
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