The sweetest K-drama kisses of female idol-turned actresses

Female idol-turned actresses often draw attention with their pretty on-screen visuals. And one of the things that fans look forward to the most when watching their favorite female idol act is the kissing scenes with male co-stars. 


Jisoo recently took social media by storm with her kiss scene in episode 11 of Snowdrop. Screenshots and cuts of the scene are spread all over SNS. This is Jisoo’s first on-screen kiss in her acting career. Therefore, the scene has driven many fans insane. Fans show interest in the shy and embarrassed expression of BLACKPINK’s big sister.

Besides, since the broadcast of Snowdrop, Jung Hae In and Jisoo have been embroiled in dating rumors, making fans look forward to the two’s kiss scenes even more.

The sweetest K-drama kisses
This is also the first on-screen kiss of Jisoo 

Earlier, Snowdrop came under controversy over allegations of historical distortion, but the drama still receives great support from fans of Jisoo and Jung Hae In. In Snowdrop, Jisoo plays university student Eun Young Ro, attracting much attention with her natural beauty.  In addition, the chemistry of the two leads is also one of the reasons why many viewers consider Snowdrop a must-watch. 

The sweetest K-drama kisses
The chemistry of the main couple makes fans sail the ship


Not only succeeding as a singer, IU also impresses the public as an actress. She has starred in many dramas and drawn positive reviews for her performance. 

IU once created a stir with her sweet kiss with Yeo Jin Goo in Hotel Del Luna. The kiss scene in episode 12 of the two melts viewers’ hearts because of how dreamy and romantic it is. 

The sweetest K-drama kisses
IU’s hot kiss scene.

Besides, the female idol has caused a stir with her kisses in “Moon Lovers” many times. Thanks to her acting experience, IU has successfully fulfilled the scenes with shy and tender kisses that turned sudden and hasty right after with Lee Jun Ki.

The sweetest K-drama kisses
IU and Lee Jun Ki’s kiss in “Moon Lovers” made people excited. 


As true fans of Suzy, many people will surely remember the kiss scenes between her and actor Lee Jong Suk. In the drama “While You Were Sleeping”, the two caused a fever with a romantic kiss in the rain.

During this scene, many viewers could not take their eyes off their sweet kisses. In addition, fans also showered praises on Suzy because with many years of experience, her acting is natural and in harmony with the male lead.

Ji Yeon

If you’ve been supporting Jiyeon for a long time, you should know that she used to act. And in the drama “I Wanna Hear Your Song”, the female idol caused a fever by her lip-lock with her co-star. Accordingly, Jiyeon and actor Song Jae Rim had a really viral kiss scene. This kiss also made many people suspect that the two were in a real relationship.


Owning a flawless beauty, Miyeon easily attracted the attention of drama producers. The female idol raised audiences’ expectations after announcing her appearance in the drama “Replay”. Her romantic kiss scene with Kim Min Chul in this drama became a hot topic after it was broadcast. However, the viewers expressed their dissatisfaction as they suspected that it was not a real kiss but a scene filmed from a special angle to make it look like a kiss.


In the idol world, Yoona is one of the goddesses who have many experiences in acting. She has been an actress for 10 years and has played various characters. Until now, many audiences have not forgotten the heart-throbbing kiss scenes of the SNSD beauty and handsome actor Ji Chang Wook in the drama “The K2”. Among all the kiss scenes, the one that happened when they were hiding inside a blanket once caused a stir on the Internet.

The sweetest K-drama kisses
Yoona and Ji Chang Wook’s kiss scene fluttered the hearts of many drama fans.

Kiss scenes of female idols have always been the most-discussed topics online. Although many idols have turned to acting, they still gained huge love and support from the public.

The sweetest K-drama kisses
The two’s acting skills received positive responses from netizens.
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