Monika Faced Mixed Reactions For Siding With Boyfriend Who Has Tatoos Of Ex-girlfriend’s Initials And Face

On December 28th, the 27th episode of LG U+Mobile TV’s original entertainment show “Be My Side Season 2” introduced a story titled “My boyfriend is full of traces of his ex-girlfriend.”

The storyteller said that her boyfriend had his ex-girlfriend’s initials and side-profile tattooed on his body, and that his appearance was similar to that of his ex-girlfriend. “I’m worried that he might not have forgotten his ex-girlfriend and just date me as a substitute,” she added, considering about breaking up.

Comedians Hong Seok-cheon and Um Ji-yoon, TV personality Pungja and dancer Monika appeared at the show to listen to the story and shared their thoughts and experiences to the storyteller.


Monika believed the storyteller should not break up with her boyfriend, saying, “I have tattoos, and just like her story, my boyfriend has a lot of tattoos with initials and images of his ex on his body, and it was fine,” she said. “When I became bored with my current boyfriend, I could get stimulated by the tattoos, so it was rather nice.”

The dancer added, “The first thing I felt when I saw my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend tattoos was that he was truly in love. I was touched by my man’s innocence,” showing her cool mindset.

However, the other cast members were surprised and laughed. In particular, Um Ji-yoon said, “I will break up with him as soon as I see the tattoos. As soon as I see the initials and face tattoos, I get attached to it,” making Monika laugh.

At the end, Monika annd Pungja advised the storyteller to continue dating, and Um Ji-yoon, Han Hye-jin, and Hong Seok-cheon advised her to break up.

Source: TV Report

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