Concerns Rise as Park Min Young Appears Extremely Thin in Recent Update

Park Min Young’s recent appearance after a weight loss to 37kg is making headlines

On Dec 21st, Park Min Young shared a video on her channel with the caption “Off work today! See you soon,” giving fans a glimpse of her current situation.

In the posted photos, Park Min Young is seen taking a selfie on the sofa before going to sleep, conveying greetings to fans. Notably, she underwent a remarkable weight loss of 37kg for her role in a drama, showcasing impressive acting skills.

Meanwhile, Park Min Young is scheduled to appear in the tvN drama ‘Marry My Husband,’ where she plays the role of Kang Ji Won, a cancer patient.

The drama revolves around a woman who witnesses her close friend and husband’s affair, gets murdered, and then goes back in time 10 years to give them a second chance at life, depicting a fate like a roller coaster for the characters.

Source: nate

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