Fans are angry with Kim Seon-ho’s private life being discussed on national channel KBS

The recent episode of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly Live” dealt with the controversy over actor Kim Seon-ho‘s private life. It was broadcast as scheduled amid fans’ petition for suspension of broadcasting right before the broadcast, and some viewers are protesting the program.

Kim Seon-ho

The author of this post said, “Many experts (on legal broadcastings) have already called for excessive interest and broadcasting restraint for this issue, calling it personal privacy.” After the celebrity officially apologized and the accuser said she would accept it, the celebrity dropped out of all of his programs. I don’t understand why a national channel broadcasts on this topic at a time when even provocative YouTubers are criticized. I don’t even know what it’s for. I ask for the broadcasting related to this individual celebrity’s privacy to be stopped,” he said.

Kim Seon-ho

In the corner “Entertainment Weekly Issues” of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly Live,” which aired in the afternoon that day, Kim Seon-ho’s private life controversy was pointed out by experts. Lawyer Heo Joo-yeon spoke about Kim Seon-ho’s legal responsibility, saying, “He does not hold criminal responsibility because both the crimes of abortion and adultery under the pretext of marriage have been abolished from the law,” but added, “He might still encounter civil problems.” In fact, there have been similar cases recently. If it’s true that this girlfriend had had an abortion because he said he would marry her but didn’t, she could claim for damages of KRW 3 million,” she said. Lawyer Heo Joo-yeon also mentioned legal responsibility for A. She said, “It could have been done with the insulting purpose. If it is for the purpose of the public interest, there is no illegality. In this case, personal feelings of retaliation appear to be a bigger purpose, so she can be sued for defamation,” she explained.

kim seon ho

The episode was broadcast as scheduled, even though more than 6,000 people signed the petition. In fact, “Entertainment Weekly Live” delivers news about Kim Seon-ho as an entertainment information program, which is no different from the previous broadcast routine.

However, in this case, it was not any criminal act, but only a matter of the actor’s privacy and various revelations continued since the actor apologized, increasing viewers’ fatigue. Not only YouTubers but also anonymous people who claim to be acquaintances of Kim Seon-ho are revealing all information about his life, including his personality and behavior, and are evaluating him by putting standards on him. In the process, Kim Seon-ho dropped out of all his current and future projects, and KBS also cut him off from the popular variety show2 days & 1 night”

Kim Seon-ho

In the midst of this, fans are angry that Kim Seon-ho‘s private life is being discussed once again. Moreover, a lawyer appeared and talked about his private life on the program as if he had violated the law.

It is difficult to predict how far the controversy over Kim Seon-ho will continue and how far the revelation of Kim Seon-ho, who has apologized and is staying quiet, will be.

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