The scary consequences when fans turn their backs on K-pop idols

Fans-turned-haters are the scariest. 

There is a famous saying that goes, “Having fans turn their backs on you is more terrifying than having anti-fans”. Not every fan when unstanning idols leaves the fandom quietly. In many cases, fans are willing to hurt people they once went crazy for. 

Sulli was “exposed” by a famous fansite who used to be loyal to her 

The late female idol Sulli was the victim of malicious comments. During her idol days, Sulli once had a big, famous, and loyal Korean fansite, known as Jinnabit.  After leaving the fandom, the master of Jinnabit suddenly turned their back on Sulli and wrote negative things about her, such as, “She (Sulli) said she hates promoting with f(x) since she was an MC for Inkigayo”, “She claimed she was a victim and getting hurt by malicious comments but she was partying and going to bars”, “Sulli’s catchphrase is ‘whatever I want, I’ll do it’, I wish she showed that attitude in front of the camera”, “Sulli only pretended to be close to the members because that’s what the fans wanted”…

Former WINNER’s Nam Tae Hyun was said to be nothing like his image by his fansite 

Slytherin94, a fansite of former WINNER member Nam Taehyun, expressed their disappointment at the male idol before shutting down the fansite, saying, “I really have no feelings left for Nam Taehyun. I can’t continue to edit his pictures because I can’t put my heart into it anymore. I will delete this account at 2. To the fangirls who are always crazy about the pictures I put all my heart into editing, let me tell you a fact, he never looks as shiny as in the pictures. Open your eyes and see.”

Nam Taehyun’s fansite unstanned and told other fans to “open their eyes” 

An ex-fan of NCT called out the members on their actions  

Some NCT members were embroiled in controversy during the promotion for “Universe”. During a live broadcast of the group, a warning bell went off when a magnitude 4.9 earthquake struck off Jeju Island, and Mark, Doyoung, Johnny reacted to this by singing and dancing to their song “Earthquake”, causing them to be criticized for being disrespectful and ignorant. 

nct dream
Mark, Doyoung and Johnny sang and danced to Earthquake when there was an actual earthquake happening

Shortly after that, a netizen who claimed to be an ex-fan of NCT, posted about a past incident involving NCT that is similar to the earthquake controversy to criticize the members for being “thoughtless”. Specifically, Mark and Haechan once danced to NCT 127’s song “Firetruck” when they heard the sirens go off on the street. 

nct dream

Former H.O.T’s Moon Hee Jun was boycotted by fans 

Moon Hee Jun of the legendary 1st gen idol group H.O.T was once entangled in many controversies, among which was a direct dispute with fans when he scolded fans for not coming to support him for not being able to get a day off. Moon Hee Jun was also found to be lying to fans about his wife’s premarital pregnancy. After what happened, fans who felt betrayed by Moon Hae Jun all boycotted him and only supported the remaining members of H.O.T.

moon hee jun
Moon Hae Jun was turned away by fans because they felt deceived by him 
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