Kim Woo-bin Is Busy In 2024: From ‘GBRB Reap What You Sow’ To ‘Alienoid 2’ and New Drama With Suzy

Actor Kim Woo-bin has been working hard in various fields, from entertainment programs to dramas and movies

Starting with tvN’s recently aired entertainment show “GBRB Reap What You Sow”, Kim Woo-bin is planning to introduce continuous new projects, such as the second part of the movie “Alienoid”, Netflix’s movie “Officer Black Belt” and the drama “Everything Shall Come True”.

First of all, Kim Woo-bin joined the cast of “GBRB Reap What You Sow” and challenged his first variety show as a fixed member with a completely new image. Showcasing his sense of entertainment with unexpected witty remarks and his unique visual, Kim Woo-bin also gained attention through friendly moments with the members.

In January 2024, Kim Woo-bin will greet the big screen audiences with “Alienoid 2”. Taking on a double role, Guard and Thunder, the actor not only challenged high-level action scenes but also left a great impression with his restrained emotions and charismatic eyes. Unlike Guard in Part 1, his appearance as Thunder, who is friendly and nice, in Part 2 will give off a different vibe.

Next, Kim Woo-bin will present another transformation in the Netflix film “Officer Black Belt”. This is an action-comedy work about the story of the martial arts officer, who monitors those wearing electronic ankle bracelets, preventing crimes. Kim Woo-bin plays the role of Lee Jung-do, who holds 9 degrees of black belt in taekwondo, kendo and judo. This character cannot tolerate injustice nor pass by when seeing people in need. This film is expected to draw sympathy from viewers through its realistic portrayal of youth, intense action scenes, and pleasant laughter.

kim woo-bin

In addition, Kim Woo-bin also plans to make a comeback on the small screen in writer Kim Eun-sook and director Lee Byeong-heon’s new drama “Everything Shall Come True”. This is a healing romantic comedy about three wishes that Genie (Kim Woo-bin), who can provide others with the right to live or die, grants to Ga-young (Suzy), who lacks emotions. In particular, Kim Woo-bin’s portrayal of Genie is stimulating fans’ curiosity.

Above all, anticipation is soaring as this is his reunion with writer Kim Eun-sook after 11 years since the popular series “The Heirs”, with director Lee Byeong-heon 9 years since the movie “Twenty” and with Suzy 7 years since the drama “Uncontrollably Fond”.

As such, Kim Woo-bin has been very busy in various fields since the second half of this year and he will continue his passionate moves next year. The public is looking forward to the new images he will show through his new projects.

Source: Daum

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