Debating about BTS having great digital sales, is it thanks for the large number of fans?

Unlike BTS’s “huge” sales of sold album, digital score record of the group is often controversial.

BTS is becoming widely known, although the group has many fans supporting them, it is hard to avoid anti-fans who are always waiting to find out any weak points. While physical score – the number of albums sold by BTS – is so high that no one can be skeptical or captious, the digital scores of the group are not that huge.
Anti-fans always claim that due to the large number of fans, there is nothing special when the digital scores of BTS are higher than normal. Compared to groups with strong digital scores, the achievement of BTS is not worth showing off. Even when BTS constantly got CAK (Certified All Kill) or even the highest PAK (Perfect All Kill) on all six music charts, anti-fans still insisted that BTS was just lucky, resulting from unstoppable streaming from their fans.
Fake Love’s digital score on the Melon Chart
Recently, in response to those negative comments, ARMY has released the evidence that is clearly shown by the accurate figures on a music chart. They claim that not only BTS fans, but the general Korean public is attracted and convinced by music of the group as well.
In particular, the title song for BTS’s comeback this time – Fake Love was released on May 18th. Until now, Fake Love has never dropped out of #2, although 21 days have passed and BTS has to compete with the “Digital Monster” BolBBalgan4 and “Monster Rookie” Wanna One, who have come back respectively and severely struggled on the music charts.
Fake Love’s digital score on the Melon Chart
In the daily timeline, 13h to 15h, 0h – 4h, 7h – 8h are the time periods that fans concentrate on streaming, BTS is back to be the leader of the charts. Meanwhile, in the other time periods, when music charts are mainly dependent on the public, BTS is still at No.2. In addition, the other songs in this comeback or even the title song DNA from the previous comeback are still closely following one another on the charts.
If BTS is just an average digital score group and mainly dependent on fandom like anti-fans often say, how can BTS get this big achievement?

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