The remark of TWICE Sana that made Jonathan suddenly show a serious face 

TWICE members met Jonathan.

On August 27th, a pre-release for “Neighborhood K2” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Diggle”. The video featured TWICE members Sana, Momo, and Nayeon.

Jonathan asked TWICE members, “Among the members, who do you think will get married first?”. Momo asked back, “Which member will be the first person in your opinion?”. Nayeon also asked, “Jonathan, at which age will you get married?”. As Jonathan smiled and hesitated to answer, Nayeon jokingly said, “What’s wrong? Why do you look so happy?”.

Do you have someone?”, “It seems like he already has someone in his mind”, “We can give you advice”, TWICE members continued to tease Jonathan.

When Sana said, “He looks so cute when he smiles. He looks just like my younger brother”, Jonathan suddenly showed a serious face, drawing laughter.

The video spread to various SNS sites and online communities and became a hot topic. Netizens responded, “It’s so funny”, “Sana is crossing the line”, “Sana is the only child so she may not know it”, “That’s so serious”, etc.

Meanwhile, the new episode of “Neighborhood K2”, starring TWICE, will be released on August 3rd.

Source: wikitree

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