SBS’ “Payback” advisor “They copied my life” VS production company “False information”

On Jan 23rd, Ji uploaded an exposure post related to the consultation of SBS’ “Payback” (written by Kim Won Seok, directed by Lee Won Tae) through his/her SNS account, which is operated under the pseudonym “Lee Oh Ha”.


Ji revealed that he/she was introduced to writer Kim Won Seok by his/her friend (reporter A), signed a three-month contract and was in charge of consulting for “Payback” in December 2019. Ji claimed that he/she had “the copyright of the novel and the film” during the contract process at that time, but the novel was not published.

Ji claimed that he/she helped writer Kim for months even after the set consultation period and participated in the writing, such as setting up situations and even writing lines. Nevertheless, when the drama production did not take place for years, he/she tried to publish the novel “Payback” first in early 2022, but writer Kim asked me to publish the novel after the drama is over.

Payback poster

Ji complained, “Writer Kim tried to change the concept of the drama into a ‘simple revenge play’ rather than a ‘prosecution reform’. I demanded that my consulting fee be paid and that all of my story be removed from the work, but writer Kim’s side avoided responding, and the drama was suddenly decided to air.

Ji “shot” writer Kim and A, “The composition and setting of almost all scenes in ‘Payback’ are about my life. They try to make money and become famous by copying other people’s ideas and lives.

In response to Ji’s claim, Red Nine Pictures, the production company of “Payback”, explained, “Ji’s claim that his/her rights were unfairly violated is not true at all.


The production company said, “The production company and writer Kim Won Seok received consultation from Ji. A consultation contract was signed for this and the consultation fee was paid.

The production company added, “The drama ‘Payback’ is a creative work created by the production company and writer Kim Won Seok with a lot of money and effort over the years. In the future, in the event of spreading false information or raising irresponsible suspicions about ‘Payback’, we plan to respond strongly through maximum civil and criminal measures.

Source: Daum

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