The reason why the video of ‘main dancer’ NOZE received mixed reactions

NOZE (WAY B) is the main dancer of LEADER CLASS’s dance video.

Mnet has just uploaded pre-release footage of LEADER CLASS’s dance video on Naver TV and others platforms prior to the main broadcast of “Street Woman Fighter“.

In the video, the dancers of this team danced to David Guetta’s song “Hey Mama” and showed off their powerful choreography.


In particular, being the main dancer, NOZE played the most important role and danced from the beginning to the end of the song. Therefore, other dancers rarely appeared because the cameraman mostly focused on the center dancer only.

Others dancers, such as Gabi, Lee Jung, Rihey, Honey J, Hyojin Choi, Monika, became the backup dancers and performed the dynamic choreography around the main dancer NOZE.

In response to the dance video, some people said they felt uncomfortable because it looks like a girl group’s music video.

Many viewers voiced their opinions about the selection of NOZE as the main dancer. They said although other dancers like Honey J and Aiki performed better, the video only focused on NOZE.

Netizens also showed their disappointment because they couldn’t see how the choreography of all the dancers properly even though it was a dance video.

Fans left many comments under the video on Naver TV: “The atmosphere that the whole video created is so chaotic”, “Knowing NOZE is the main dancer, I think this feels more like NOZE and friends”, “The cameraman, please do your work properly”

Meanwhile, the full version of “Street Woman Fighter” LEADER CLASS’s dance video will be released on tvN at 10:20 PM on September 7.

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