Who would have thought the reason why Rosé joins YG was because “her parents couldn’t stand her singing voice anymore”

Don’t know whether to cry or laugh at Rosé. BLACK PINK fans must thank Rosé’s parents for “chasing” their daughter back to Korea to be a singer, otherwise there will be no BLACK PINK main vocal today.

Recently, BLACK PINK had a interview on “Zach Sang Show” about their emotions when performing at Coachella as well as many interesting stories surrounding the group’s successful comeback. Besides from that is the story about the time when BLACK PINK members became YG Entertainment trainees.

While Jisoo, Jennie and Lisa have all identified their passion for singing and becoming Kpop artists from an early age, Rosé talked about the suprising reason why she became a singer. Rosé currently promoting as BLACK PINK’s main vocal who possesses a strong, unique and emotional voice which is highly-acclaimed among K-Pop idols.

But do you know how YG found Rosé and trained her to become a main vocal of the successful BLACK PINK now?

And this is why she became BLACK PINK’s main vocalist: “I auditioned for YG because my father couldn’t stand my voice!” – Rosé

Rosé shared the reason why she auditioned for YG Entertainment was because … her father could not stand the girl playing the piano and singing so loud that the whole family couldn’t sleep. Rosé regularly sings Beyoncé’s “Listen” and her parents were too tired of listening to their daughter’s unprofessional singing so they actively register their children to work as a singer!

Intended to “chase” away their daughter for her to work as a singer, her parents couldn’t believe that she would have made it!

Rosé’s father signed up for his daughter to participate in the audition held by YG in Australia. As a result, Rosé didn’t have any difficulty during the audition but because of being too talented, she surpassed 700 other candidates and got into YG. Since then, being supported by her family, Rosé has returned to Korea alone and work as an YG trainee to pursue her singing passion and her dream of becoming an idol until now.

Rosé’s destined idol life turned out to be just a random decision from her family. However, Rosé has always been working hard in Korea despite being away from home and struggling with her trainee life to debut with BLACK PINK. Until now, Rosé’s decision is indeed wise!

Source: Kenh14

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