LACHICA Gabee talked about KLWC’s battle manner controversy: “It was my big mistake and not very adult of me”

LACHICA’s leader Gabee apologized for the controversy over the team’s manners in the Mnet “Street Dance Girls Fighter”.

On Dec 30th, Mnet posted a video titled “LACHICA & KLWC Final Mission Practice Day 1” on its official YouTube channel.

LACHICA Gabee talked about KLWC’s battle manner controversy

In the video released that day, LACHICA and KLWC gathered together after winning the “K-Pop Choreography Creation Mission.” First of all, leader Gabee said, “In fact, I have said something after receiving the score on the day they unveiled the mission. I wanted to stop this for you guys because you guys had made a big mistake in front of people and seem to be being criticized too much,” she said cautiously.

“I know you worked really hard on it. I wanted to help you guys even a little bit, by saying that it wasn’t. We have gone too far and crossed the line,” she added.


Upon hearing this, LACHICA Rian and Simeez shed tears, and KWLC members also bowed their heads.

Lachica Rian
Lachica Simeez

Rian said, “I’m really sorry”, adding, “Actually, I did watch them during the process. But I couldn’t stop them. If I had stopped them from doing so, these problems wouldn’t have happened.”

Lastly, Gabee apologized, “I also regretted focusing only on the battle when competing with other crew members during ‘Street Woman Fighter’. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t point out their poor behaviors as a master. I felt that I didn’t act mature enough as an adult.”


Meanwhile, team Lachica KWLC was embroiled in a controversy over bad manners as they created playful and hilarious choreography, including a crab dance, while competing with team YGX Squid in the 3rd mission shown in “Street Dance Girls Fighter” broadcast, which aired on December 28th.

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