The reason Taeyeon did not hesitate to hold hands with a male fan at a past fansigning event 

The video showing Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s reaction when meeting a nervous fan is drawing attention again.

A video of a male fan attending a fansigning event of Girls’ Generation Taeyeon in the past has recently been shared on various SNS sites and online communities.

The video shows the male fan nervously handing Taeyeon a small flower while the female idol was signing on the album. Taeyeon didn’t notice the flower at first, but she smiled as soon as she saw the fan holding it.


At fansigning events, holding hands is among the things that artists would do for their fans. When the male fan showed his trembling hands, Taeyeon smiled back and held his hands tightly.

At another fansigning event after then, Taeyeon recognized that male fan immediately so she smiled brightly and shook hands with him without hesitation.


As the video is re-examined, Internet users are showing enthusiastic responses. They commented, “I feel so touched that she recognized him right away despite having met lots of fans at fansigning events”, “If I met someone who trembled that much, I would also remember them no matter what”, “There is a reason why she has been a well-loved idol for such a long time”, etc.

Some netizens pay attention to the trembling hands of the male fan, saying “I bet he didn’t wash his hands after holding hands with Taeyeon”, “He trembled so much that I was afraid that the flower petals would fall out”, etc.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon is carrying out activities as both a member of Girls’ Generation and a solo artist. She is also active on tvN’s entertainment program” Amazing Saturday” as a regular cast.

Source: Insight

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