The project boy group with the most miserable fate: trained by BLACKPINK Lisa, disbanded after only 3 appearances?

Despite coming from a super famous survival show, this project boy group barely had group activities.

IXFORM, a boy group that debuted from the Chinese survival show “Youth With You 3”, boasted a lineup of 9 members. However, this 9 member lineup only appeared for a total of 3 times before the group’s disbandment.

IXFORM debuted from the famous survival show “Youth With You 3”

In addition, there were barely any group images of this boy group. After their debut EP, the members barely met each other or worked together up until they disbanded. In fact, they only appeared as a group on 4 occasions: when the group was formed, when they first promoted, when they released the debut track, and when they announced the disbandment.

IXFORM is considered to be the least active boy group in the history of China
Except for the disbandment announcement, they only appeared together for 3 times

At this fact, Korean netizens couldn’t help but express pure shock, even nicknaming IXFORM as “the least active boy group in history”. Below are some comments from netizens:

  • That’s pretty miserable…
  • Least active idol group in history…
  • They didn’t even have a proper debut
  • To disband on the 4th appearance together. What kind of group is this?
  • They technically lasted for a year but I don’t think that counts..
  • Their debut was so obscure I can’t even recall it.

The survival show “Youth With You 2” was a huge success, and its next installment “Youth With You 3” also attracted huge attention. The season was also graced with the appearance of BLACKPINK Lisa as a dance mentor, and as such, was highly anticipated. However, it was soon embroiled in scandals, to the point the live finale ended up being canceled and the winning group debuting in complete silence. 

Youth With You 3
“Youth With You 3” was expected to continue the hype of the second season
However, the show slowly lost heat, leading to its winning group IXFORM having a quiet debut

Source: K14

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