Stars Suggested to Undergo Plastic Surgery But Said No: Park Seo-joon, Yoo Ji-tae, and Jeon Do-yeon

These celebrities resisted plastic surgery pressures

In a population of 8 billion, each person has unique appealing qualities. Nevertheless, many choose plastic surgery to attain their preferred look, especially in the entertainment industry where stars may face pressure to undergo cosmetic procedures. Despite this, some stars stand firm in preserving their natural look.

On the recent broadcast of tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’ on Dec 13th, Park Seo-joon revealed his complex about his eyes, revealing that he received criticism for his looks when he first appeared on TV. 

park seo joon

Park Seo-joon also mentioned receiving suggestions for plastic surgery but resisted. He said, “I considered it at times when the criticism was intense. Investing continuously in an uncertain future and having difficulty maintaining one’s image is challenging. However, enduring it led to good opportunities.”

Yoo Ji-tae also rejected a plastic surgery proposal early in his career. On the YouTube show ‘Salon Drip 2’ last month, he disclosed that someone in the industry advised him to fix his eyes, nose, and mouth when he first started acting. Yoo Ji-tae confidently asserted that his appearance has sufficient value as an actor.

Jeon Do-yeon received suggestions for plastic surgery in her youth. In March, she shared on ‘You Quiz on the Block‘ that her double eyelids were a complex during her childhood, and someone even suggested a more mature-looking plastic surgery.

Despite the suggestion, Jeon Do-yeon expressed satisfaction with her looks, saying, “I like my face. I’ve liked my seemingly imperfect face since I was young.

Source: daum

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