The most iconic quotes from “Taxi Driver 2”, from relatable to meaningful 

With its recent episodes, the K-drama “Taxi Driver 2” has brought both laughter and meaningful messages to its audiences.

Having recorded explosive ratings with recent episodes, “Taxi Driver 2” has lived up to the drama’s first season and become a major hit, with the highest ratings among public channel series. The secret behind its popularity is also rather simple: meaningful lessons alongside a good sense of humor. 

Below are some iconic quotes that make “Taxi Driver 2” a great ride so far.

Lee Je Hoon

“Don’t kill yourself. Take revenge. We’ll do it for you”

The slogan of Rainbow Taxi Company gets straight to the point. It doesn’t attempt to sooth victims who are driven to their wit’s end with empty words, but provide them with a solution: take revenge. 

“Take the most handsome man!”

Despite now residing in Vietnam, Madam Lim cannot forget about Wang Tao Zi (male lead Do Gi in disguise), who betrayed her. Of course, despite now wanting to take revenge, Madam Lim cannot help but admit that the “Taxi Driver” male lead is as handsome as ever.  

Taxi driver

“I’m not an uncle!”

In order to complete a special mission, male lead Do Gi needs to wear a simple farmer’s outfit, only to be called “uncle”. No matter how much he explained, the “uncle” title is now set in stone. 

“Trust no man!”

After being betrayed by the “Wang Tao Zi” she devoted her heart to, Madam Lim vowed to never trust a man again. This brush at romance has truly hurt her so much. 

“Money is not important”

In episode 3, Do Gi takes on such a pathetic appearance that every other character seems to pity him. As a result, they help him without asking for money, but out of sympathy to a sad-looking guy.

Lee Je Hoon-Shin So Young thumbnail

“Today I’m going to tear you to shreds!” 

So angry at her “former lover”, Madam Lim was determined to “tear Do Gi to shreds” in Vietnam. In fact, she was so angry she cursed in Vietnamese.

“Even if I die, don’t come to my funeral!” 

President Sung Chul also has time to shine. When his former teammates came to visit him, the president chased them all off, even telling them to not come to his funeral if he dies. While this may seem cold-hearted, he was just saying this so that Rainbow Taxi members can seek a new and better life. 

“Traces can be erased, but the same can’t be said about habits.”

The 2 first episodes of “Taxi Driver 2” put a conclusion to Do Gi and Madam Lim’s “relationship”. Here, Do Gi affirmed that he never has any true feelings for Madam Lim and was only using her. Hopefully, Madam Lim can erase the traces of Do Gi in her heart, as well as her habits related to him and actually find true love…

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