The identity of the ballad singer who can sing well and has a muscular body like Kim Jong-kook but leads a fancy lifestyle

A ballad singer recently gained huge popularity with his captivating voice and emotional lyrics.

During this autumn season, a lot of singers are melting the hearts of people, who are always tired because of their busy lives, by releasing ballad songs with sweet melodies and warm singing voices.

Ballad singers boast their powerful vocals and unique voices in their own way. Among them, the singer who made his debut with the first album “Howling” in 2011 and has released numerous hit songs is attracting keen attention.


He is Maktub, the singer who is loved by the public for many famous songs, such as “Marry Me” and “To You My Light”.


Becoming famous for emotional songs, Maktub actually owns an amazing physique with a muscular body. Maktub often reveals his appearance when doing exercises, and shows off his admirable back muscles and leg muscles. His impressive body receives many compliments from fans and netizens. 

Netizens pointed out another person who comes to their mind when thinking of “a ballad singer who sings well and has a good body”. That’s Kim Jong-kook.

However, there is a big difference between Maktub and Kim Jong-kook. It’s their lifestyle.


Big Face, a Youtuber with 630,000 subscribers, introduced Maktub as his close acquaintance and revealed that he borrowed Maktub’s house and car to film Vlog videos. He said that everything in his videos, including the house, car, and office, belonged to Maktub.


According to Big Face, Maktub lives in the same place as Son Heung-min’s house, which is known to be the luxury apartment Trimage in Seongssu-dong, Seoul. 

Big Face filmed a video experiencing Maktub’s relaxing daily life in an open house with a view of Han River. It is said that Maktub owns four luxury foreign cars from famous brands, such as Ferrari and Bentley, worth 1.8 billion won in total. In addition, Maktub also gave one Mercedes-Benz to his father and mother separately as gifts on Parents’ Day in 2020.


Contrary to Maktub, Kim Jong-kook is famous for his thrifty lifestyle.


Kim Jong-kook talked about his frugal habit many times on broadcasts. He even confessed that he uses only one side of the toilet paper even for feces. Kim Jong-kook recently showed how he recycles and reuses wet tissues. 


Regarding the difference between two “muscular ballad singers” Maktub and Kim Jong-kook, Internet users reacted, “They’re really the opposites”, “Kim Jong-kook would not agree when he sees how Maktub lives”, etc. 

Source: Insight

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