Yang Hyun-suk: “I’ll resign from all positions at YG” but appears on YG homepage as an artist

It has been confirmed that Yang Hyun-suk, who offered to resign from YG Entertainment, was still listed as an artist on YG Entertainment’s website.

On June 20th, in the artist section of YG Entertainment’s website, a photo of Yang Hyun-suk along with his introduction as YG can be seen at the 1st position.

It is a situation that contrasts with that of Seungri and B.I. Seungri who was heavily involved in the “Burning Sun Gate” and B.I who was accused of buying drug was deleted from photos of Big Bang and iKON, respectively, after the cancellation of their exclusive contracts with YG Entertainment. Currently, there is a picture of a four-member team that has no Seungri for Big Bang, and a picture of a six-member iKON group that has no B.I.

In addition, if you look at Yang Hyun-suk’s introduction, “The founder and chief producer of YG Entertainment, and a long-run star of the public. YG Family’s thoughtful captain Yang Hyun-suk is from Seo Tai-ji and Boys, who paved the way for K-pop. While Yang Hyun-suk prioritizes YG’s familism to the extent that most of the singers in the early days of YG’s establishment are together to date, he is also a thoughtful yet shrewd planner who is always leading YG’s creators day and night to present new and attractive content to the public,” it said. It can be counted that he is still seen as “YG’s Yang Hyun-suk“.

Yang Hyun-suk said he would resign from all positions at YG Entertainment on June 14th. When he was embroiled in allegations that he forced case informant Han Seo-hee to change her statement to cover up B.I’s drug scandal, he denied the allegation and announced that “I am going to resign from all positions and leave all responsibility here at YG.”

However, Yang was criticized for still being the largest shareholder of YG Entertainment and having no actual position to drop because he had not been named as a part of the executive team even before the controversy broke out.

Source: nate

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