Song Ji Hyo revealed the reason why she hit the back of Ji Suk Jin’s head a lot on “Running Man”

Song Ji Hyo, “I was really frustrated.” 

On October 28th, a video with Song Ji Hyo was uploaded on Ji Suk Jin’s YouTube channel “Jeeseokjin World”. In the video, Ji Suk Jin drove Song Ji Hyo in a car while chatting with each other. 

Song Ji-hyo Ji Suk-jin Running Man

Ji Suk Jin told Song Ji Hyo, “We’ve planned to meet today, so I’ve searched my video clips with you on YouTube. I found out that you and I actually had a good chemistry. And I didn’t know, but you hit the back of my head a lot.”

Then Song Ji Hyo said, “How did I hit you? Did I hit you like this?” She once again hit Ji Suk Jin in the back of his head, drawing laughter.

Song Ji-hyo Ji Suk-jin Running Man

Song Ji Hyo then confessed, “If we become partners, and you make mistakes, they really make me frustrated”

But Song Ji Hyo said, “So I hit you a lot in the back of your head, but I don’t have an ill will.”

Song Ji-hyo Ji Suk-jin Running Man

Ji Suk Jin said, “And to tell the truth here, if she hits me, she will send me a long text message or phone call that day, saying she is sorry. Originally, she is someone who doesn’t communicate well.”

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