The Grand Prize goes to NCT DREAM, BTS has Best Album, Lim Young Woong receives Popularity Award [32nd Seoul Music Awards]

NCT DREAM became the main character of the night as they receive the Daesang honor at the 32nd Seoul Music Awards.

On Jan 19th, the 32nd Seoul Music Awards was held at KSPO DOME in Olympic Park, Songpa-gu, Seoul. This year marks the 32nd anniversary of “Seoul Music Awards,” a pop music award ceremony that first opened in 1990.

The Grand Prize (Daesang) trophy went to NCT DREAM. Member Jeno said, “We are happy to start this year with such a big award. We would like to say thank you to everyone at SMTown,” he said. “How nice it would have been if Mark and Haechan were here. We will share the joy of this award together. We are grateful to NCTzens who always support us. You guys are the reason why we are working hard. Let’s grow up together with 7DREAM,” he added.

NCT Dream

Member Ji Sung said, “It will be really fun in 2023. We will try a lot of new things, so I hope you look forward to our future activites.

On the same day, BTS won the Best Album Award. Unfortunately, however, they could not attend the event.

Through the video, RM, a member of BTS, said, “Thanks to the support and love of our fans, we won the Best Album Award. We are sorry we couldn’t join you at the glorious event. Let’s hope we can enjoy it together next time,” he said.


All the glory and everything we have here is thanks to you guys. The year 2023 has come. I hope everyone is happy,” he added.

The honor of the Best Song Award went to IVE. Member Jang Won Young said, “So many people that we are grateful to are coming to my mind. We got to do a good song called ‘LOVE DIVE’ and won many awards since last year thanks to it. I think we have had a meaningful year,” she said.


She also added, “To the staff of IVE, who were so hard-working, I would like to express my gratitude. I hope those who love us will have a healthy and happy 2023.”

Member Ahn Yu Jin said, “I think we were able to receive this award thanks to the people who loved our music. We will make sure to return with the best music in 2023.”

Next, BoA, who won the Legend Artist Award, said, “It feels too early for me to receive the Legend Artist Award. I received the Grand Prize Daesang here about 23 years ago. I was about 17 years old at the time, and I felt very emotional coming here today.”


The solo artist also expressed, “It is an honor for me to do what I love for a long time, but I don’t think this is something I can do alone. This is also thanks to people who like me and staff members who give me support, so I will dedicate this award to them. In the future, I will become a BoA who repays them on stage with good music.”

Following is the list of winners at the 32nd Seoul Music Awards: 

  • Grand Prize (Daesang): NCT DREAM
  • Best Song Award: IVE (Love Dive)
  • Best Album Award: BTS (Proof)
  • Bonsang (Main Prize): aespa, Kim Ho Joong, PSY, Kang Daniel, (G)I-DLE, BLACKPINK, Stray Kids, Zico, NCT DREAM, Red Velvet, SEVENTEEN, GOT the Beat, IVE, Taeyeon, BTS, Lim Young Woong
  • Legend Artist Award: BoA
  • Best Artist Award: BTS
  • Best Performance Award: (G)I-DLE
  • Hallyu Daesang: Suho
  • Inkisang: Lim Young Woong
  • Idol Plus Best Artist: BTS
  • Idol Plus New Star: TEMPEST
  • New Wave Star Award: Lapillus, TAN, Kep1er
  • Kpop Special Award: KARA
  • R&B Hip-Hop Award: Big Naughty, BE’O.
  • Rookie Award: LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans, TNX
  • Trot Award: Young Tak
  • OST Award: Melomance (Love, Maybe)
  • World Best Artist Award: Psy
  • Discovery of the Year Award: Lee Seung Yoon
  • Ballad Award: Younha
  • Band Award: Jannabi

Source: MK Sports

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