The first teaser video for JTBC’s upcoming drama starring Jeon So-min drew keen attention as soon as it was released

Actress Jeon So-min challenged a new role.

JTBC’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Cleaning Up”(written by Choi Kyung-mi/ directed by Yoon Sung-sik/ produced by Drama House Studio-SLL) released its first teaser video on May 4th.


In the released teaser, service cleaners at a financial company, Eo Yong-mi (Yum Jung-ah), Ahn In-kyung (Jeon So-min) and Maeng Soo-ja (Kim Jae-hwa), caught the eyes of viewers with their appearance in sky blue cleaner suits.


They also dressed stylishly in all-black costumes and walked around the company doing some hidden activities that were hard to imagine. 


Among the cast actresses, Jeon So-min attracted particular attention with a mature and sophisticated image, unlike the usual lovely and cute appearance she often shows on the entertainment program SBS’s “Running Man”.


Jeon So-min stole the hearts of viewers by making a transformation with ponytail hairstyle, bold eye makeup, and red lips. 

JTBC’s “Cleaning Up” tells the story that happens when the three main characters, who are service cleaners of a financial company, accidentally learn about insider trading. It is based on the original series of the same name aired on ITV in the U.K in 2019.

JTBC’s new Sat-Sun drama “Cleaning Up” will premiere at 10:30 p.m on the 4th of next month.

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