iKON confirmed to come back soon with a new album after more than 1 year of hiatus

Will iKON’s comeback be successful after Bobby’s marriage and childbirth


On the 11th, iKON‘s agency, YG Entertainment, released a poster of iKON‘s Coming Soon. The poster read ‘NEW ALBUM COMING SOON‘, indicating iKON‘s comeback.

Although the exact release date and album type of iKON‘s new album have yet to be revealed, expectations are still set high as they recently completed filming the music video for the new song. This is good news for fans who have been waiting for the comeback of a full group after about a year and a month.

However, it raises questions about whether iKON‘s comeback will be successful. This is because, after the digital single ‘Why Why Why‘ released in March of last year and Mnet’s ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’, something unexpected happened to iKON. It was the news of member Bobby‘s marriage and childbirth.

ikon Bobby

In August of last year, Bobby made a surprise announcement that he would become the father of a child along with the news of his marriage. At the time, Bobby said through his agency, “I will marry the person I love. And I will become a father in September.”

He continued, “I’m happy because I now have a new family. However, I want to apologize to my fans who might feel embarrassed because of my sudden news. I should have told you about this earlier, but I’m sorry for the delay since I was worried. To those who are confused and hurt by my story, I sincerely apologize to you.”


Afterwards, Bobby welcomed his son about a month after the announcement of marriage and childbirth. The fans who heard the news of marriage, pregnancy and childbirth within about a month were shocked.

Public opinion was not favorable at the time. There were fans who congratulated the good news, but some felt disappointed. In addition to not informing them of the wedding in advance, Bobby‘s attitude of confessing about premarital pregnancy a month before childbirth made fans turn their back on him.

This is iKON‘s first comeback since Bobby’s marriage and childbirth. Fans have already turned away because of Bobby, so the group has to do better in this promotion. People are focusing on whether iKON members, who have been working hard on various issues, will succeed in this comeback as well.

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