Lowest-rated K-dramas in early 2022: 2 out of 3 star famous female idols but still flop 

Illogical plots, underwhelming chemistry between the cast are among the reasons why these K-dramas are left behind in the rating race. 

The beginning of 2022 sees the success of many buzzworthy K-dramas such as “Twenty Five, Twenty One”, “Business Proposal”, “Forecasting Love and Weather”,… However, aside from successful ones, there are also K-dramas with extremely poor viewership performances, which can mostly be explained by uninteresting or unfriendly storylines to the general audience. The following series are 3 examples. 

1. The One And Only

JTBC’s “The One And Only” is for now the drama with the lowest ratings in the first half of 2022. Although it premiered to a promising start for a cable television drama with 2,442% in episode 1, after only the first 4 episodes, “The One And Only” ratings dropped dramatically to under 1% and consistently stayed around 0% until the last episode. Many viewers commented that the story of “The One And Only” was not well-written and the acting was not excellent either. Although the cast includes Red Velvet’s Joy, a well-loved female idol, she is not considered a convincing actress who can attract viewers. Joy has taken on K-drama leading roles 3 times so far, but not one of those earned high ratings. “The Great Seducer” was even the lowest-rated drama in MBC history at the time the final episode was broadcast.

The One And Only
“The One And Only” failed miserably in ratings 

2. Sponsor

One of the most controversial dramas in the first half of 2022 due to the power abuse scandal of the male lead Lee Ji Hoon, iHQ and MBN’s “Sponsor” is recording disappointing ratings. Having a compelling revenge plot, “Sponsor” still fails to gain the viewers’ attention when the ratings have yet to exceed 1.5%.

“Sponsor” marks the small-screen return of “Korean Barbie doll” Han Chae Young but the ratings have been awful 

3. Crazy Love

Depicting a story about workplace romance, which is the trend lately, but KBS2’s “Crazy Love” still fails in ratings. The drama was off to a humble rating of 3.4% in episode 1, way lower than the premiere rating of “Moonshine”, which aired previously in the same time slot on KBS2. “Crazy Love” ratings then dropped sharply to 2.4% in episode 2. Besides comments criticizing the illogical plot, many viewers also claim they don’t feel the chemistry between the two leads, Kim Jae Wook and Krystal. 

crazy love
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